Thursday, April 12, 2007

I will...sleep...Psalm 4:8

Happy Birthday, Sacagawea!
A was supposed to be my easy baby. With the fourth child you're supposed to know how to handle everything, right?

I woke up early on my due date with some contractions. Right on schedule. The Man took the boys to a friend's house while I showered. We arrived at the hospital at 4 a.m. I wasn't in heavy labor, but I wanted to get there early enough to claim the one and only birthing pool. By 10 a.m. my contractions had stopped. I didn't want to go home. It was my due date!

She did arrive later that afternoon. Thankfully we did get to use the birthing pool since not all 4th labors are as easy as they are supposed to be. I had planned on going home right after the birth, but I was so tired out I welcomed the opportunity to spend the night in a nice quiet room, something that was non-existent in a houseful of boys.

Fortunately, after her arrival she did turn into the easy baby. She is an absolute joy, even as a 5 year old.

The Man and I were up rather late last night finishing up the crib and highchair project we started. He finally went to bed around midnight. I stayed up a few more hours waiting for the paint to dry, reassembling the furniture, and doing a bit of touch-up paint. The Man got up early to drill some holes in the new panels for the bottom supports.

Since they were too big to wrap, Sacagawea was blindfolded. Dollies Shu and Da were also present for the unveiling. She was thrilled. So were Shu and Da.

The present she was most excited about was the one from her brothers. She's been asking for her own hammer since last summer. It was the smallest we could find, only 7 oz., but it has a pretty red handle. She even got a pretty red toolbox to keep it in. What more could a girl want? Maybe a pretty red power drill? Circular saw? Maybe next year.

After our long almost-sleepless night, we're all ready for bed now. We will sleep like babies.

Note: This post was mostly written on the date it is stamped, however you're probably reading it at least a week later since I never got around to actually publishing it on A's birthday. Please, no comments about how the 1st child got his post on his birthday last week and the 4th had to wait a week. It is here. Everyone can just deal with it. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

You are right--"deal with it." It is here. I was there and so glad I could share in both the birthdays. What's a Grandma for?!!