Saturday, January 05, 2008

Whiter than snow...Psalm 51:7

We were supposed to have a blizzard on Friday. The whole state got socked and we were gearing up for it also. Since The Man was supposed to have the day off of work, we were going up to the city in the morning to run a few errands, hoping to be back home before the weather got too awful. His co-worker couldn't make it over the mountain from the big city due to high winds, so The Man was asked to go to the office and take care of the patients. I decided I didn't want to make the trip by myself, so the kids and I just stayed home and cleaned house, did laundry, and took pictures! I was going to record the blizzard for you folks, inch by inch!

I took this "before" picture from the front porch on Thursday night.
Those are the still-red posts that hopefully will be brown sometime in the next five years. It rained all night Thursday/Friday. I didn't sleep too well with the pitter-patter on the step outside our bedroom.

Friday morning right after The Man was asked to go to the office...
It is snowing, but you can see the water dripping off the porch roof.

A few hours later it was starting to stick...

This is the last picture I took on Friday...
So much for the blizzard! I slept well last night. There was no rain to keep me awake, but we did have quite a bit of quiet snow! I really like this picture. It is so blue and wintry.
We got about 10-12" of the stuff during the night. Some of our church members couldn't get to church this morning because they had 16-20".
We plan on leaving in the morning for some pastors' meetings. However, the place we're headed to is several hours away in the Sierra foothills. We'll call in the morning to make sure the back roads we need to take are actually open. If you don't "see" me around this next week, that's where we'll be! We are planning on taking all our snow gear and sleds since the forecast for that area is predicting about 20" of additional snow accumulation there over the next few days. We're taking the pickup with 4wd and studded snow tires. We'll also try to pick up some chains for the truck. The Man tells me he has never had to put on chains. J and I will show him how it's done!


Esther said...

Luckyyyyy!! Almost all of our snow from a few days ago, including the Little Guy's fort, has melted.

Ann said...

The snow is beautiful! We were cold last week, with lows down in the teens, but no snow. Oh well, that's life in East Texas!