Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New things...Isaiah 42:9

Happy New Year! It is time to start practicing writing 2008. It takes me at least a month to get used to writing the new year while writing checks.


I spent most of yesterday afternoon online trying to teach myself XML. Maybe I'll accomplish that before 2009.

Since we are still on dial-up, that means that folks that tried to call us yesterday afternoon got our voice mail.


The Man took M to his music lessons. The rest of the kids stayed home with me since they weren't feeling well.

About 5ish some friends who are moving away stopped by to say goodbye.


After they left I checked our voice mail.

Our neighbor had called about 3 to let us know that someone had called her at work to let her know that there was a horse in their barn.

As J was headed out the door to go retrieve our horse another neighbor rang the doorbell. She was on her way home and saw the neighbor girls trying to lead our old, part-time 1/4 lame, mind-of-her-own horse up to us. J went and took over the job to lead her home while I went to get our own halter and rope. S and Sacagawea agreed to stay in the house and eat supper.


I met up with J and took over for him. The horse didn't want to cross over the creek through the cut-out we have for the farm equipment that is too big for the bridge. She was headed back over to the bridge so I let her. Once we got there, it dawned on me that I didn't want to take a horse that preferred to walk sideways over the bridge. It was getting dark, and I didn't want either myself or the horse to go off the bridge. It is only about 6 or 7 feet down to the dry creek bed, but still...

I tied her to a telephone pole. J brought me my cellphone and I called The Man. I thought he would be home any minute, but I wanted to make sure. Nope. He and M were still 45 minutes away, checking into prices for ski rentals. Urg. J stayed with her while I went and put on warmer clothes and some serious shoes.

By the time I got back the horse was tired of being tied to a pole and she was more than willing to cooperate with me by going down through the cut-out. While parenting strategies were forming in the back of my mind we got her over to the barn. We let her have a drink, but she wasn't interested in any hay (I suspect she had her fill while in the neighbor's barn). I tied her to a pole over in her lean-to and went back inside...it was 6:30.


The Man and M returned home soon after and J and I went and returned the neighbor's halter and rope. I also gave them our cell phone numbers so they can get in touch with us if she's ever over there again.

We aren't quite sure how the horse got out, but The Man put up some extra wire last night.


The Man and kids left about an hour ago to go skiing. I'm staying home.

It looks like a coat factory blew up in our entry way. It is always fun trying to sort through all the snow gear to find the proper size for each child.

I had wanted to take the tree down today and reclaim my living room, but I think the kids want to help with that.

I need to re-address a few Christmas letters that were returned.

And maybe some more XML.

Wishing each of you blessings, peace, and joy throughout 2008.


Rachael said...

I'm curious if practicing typing 2008 will translate to practice writing 2008.

Happy New Year.

We have an exploded coat factory on our floor too.

Lori said...

What's XML??? Probably something I should know, but don't.

I bet your enjoying the day to yourself, probably don't get many of those. I need to take down my tree too, but don't have the initiative needed to get it done. I put it up, I think I will make Todd take it down. Seems fair right?

PS the 4*** R***** Rd address is the correct one.

Happy 2008