Tuesday, January 08, 2008

No power...Romans 13:1

We are here, not there! Sunday morning I asked The Man to call the retreat center to check on road conditions. No answer. We continued packing. I had all the kids' clothes packed and was starting to pack my things. The Man was ready to take the Dog over to our regular house sitter's place so he could hang out with her for a few days (she wasn't able to come here to care for the horse and chickens...the neighbors were going to help with them). I asked him to try to call again. Still no answer, but The Man started calling some of the alternate emergency numbers. It turns out that the retreat center had no power and the meetings were canceled. Everybody was supposed to have been notified not to come!

Whew! I'm glad we didn't make the 6+ hour drive there for nothing! I was also sort of glad that I hadn't finished packing my clothes...or the bedding...or the food. We called the house/pet sitters and told them we were staying.

After unpacking our clothes, The Man and kids spent the rest of the day sledding and building an igloo. (Pictures will be posted when we get our power back on and I can use the other computer).

Yesterday we went to the big city down south to trade in an unused 3/4 violin for a full-size for M. I will publicly say here that The Man got a great deal on the violins he bought a few years ago. I wasn't pleased when he left the house to buy 1 and came home with 4, but the retail value that the store owner quoted us yesterday was 5 times what The Man paid for it. It only had a trade-in value of 2 1/2 times what he paid for it, but it made yesterday's purchase much nicer. We'll save the 3/4 that M has been using for J when he is ready for it.

The power has been blinking for a few days. This morning it was off for two hours. It just went off again about 20 minutes ago. We have the woodstove for heat and plenty of candles for light, but I hope the power comes back on soon!

edit--4:32 p.m.: Just so you all don't feel too sorry for us, the power just came back on, but I'm going to wait until the snow stops to turn on the other computer.

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Lori said...

I would have been so mad if I made a 6 hour trip and someone forgot to tell me it was cancelled. And your right, its not just the drive it's the packing too.