Friday, July 23, 2010

The babe...Luke 1:41

I know I haven't had many updates on the current pregnancy. There really isn't an excuse other than I haven't gotten around to making an OB appointment. The longer I waited, the more I knew I'd get a lecture from my doctor when I finally went. Since things have been progressing normally, I really haven't felt an urgent need to go.

I called yesterday morning and made my first appointment. For some reason the receptionist thought I should go in today. I'll be seeing the midwife instead of the doctor. Perhaps I won't get quite as big of a lecture as I was dreading. I'll try to give an update later today after the appointment.

Yes, if possible, we will try to find out the gender of the baby if we do an ultrasound. I thought about waiting to find out as we did with G, but I am SO ready to get rid of some of the baby clothes from my house. Leave your boy/girl/both guesses in the comments!

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Tina in CT said...

A girl since you have just one daughter.