Thursday, July 01, 2010

Wound the head...Psalm 68:21

I've been challenged to write a blog post every day for the month of July. Ha ha ha hee hee hee ho ho ho...well, it just might be possible if I catch up on all those bloggable (does that have one g or two?) moments I was too busy to blog about the past few months years. Anyway, here is post #1!

I don't have any pictures to show you of the latest news at our home since Sacagawea made me promise not to blog the pictures I took of the gash in her head. Apparently she (1) knows that mom likes to post pictures of wounds and (2) had the foresight to forbid such a posting even though I hadn't blogged in a loooong time. Maybe if I catch up and post about her birthday she'll let me show you the pictures!

The Man and I were both up in the city and the 5 children were left home alone. S, the only child up until that point that had received stitches, was somehow involved in the wounding. Exactly how is still up for debate, but playing around in the living room resulted in Sacagawea hitting her head on a bookshelf. By the time I returned the voice mail M left on my cellphone (less than 5 minutes after he called), the bleeding had stopped.

When The Man and I arrived home he briefly checked her head, saw that it wasn't bleeding, and we got ready for the midweek church service in our home. After everyone left, The Man did a more thorough exam and cleaning of her head and discovered that the 1"-1 1/2" gash on the back of her head went all the way down to the bone. The Man said the good thing about that was he could actually stick his finger in and make sure there wasn't a fractured skull. Ewwww. I hope he was kidding.

I parted the hair and clipped it out of the way so The Man could sew it up. I wasn't much help beyond that except for checking her shot records to make sure her Tetanus was up to date.

Since the 5 stitches were put in a week ago last night, The Man said he would probably take them out this Saturday night. Hopefully Sacagawea has learned that jumping on S's back isn't always a good idea.

p.s. She was a VERY brave girl!

Check back tomorrow to see if I actually make it to post #2!

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