Friday, July 23, 2010

Look...again...I Kings 18:43

I apologize to those of you who were repeatedly checking in here all day today to find out if we are going to have a boy, girl, or both. We're still not sure, but we're fairly certain it won't be both!

The midwife, bless her heart, wasn't accustomed to using the brand new ultrasound machine. Although she usually does "first" ultrasounds for women, she hadn't done a "first" that was so large on this new machine. After trying repeatedly to figure out how to measure the head circumference, she went to get the doctor to show her how.

The doctor came in the room. "Oh! Hi! Congratulations! You pregnant!" That was about the extent of my lecture from her for waiting so long for my first appointment. We'll see if I get more in two weeks when my appointment is with her!

After showing the midwife how to obtain the measurements and chatting with The Man a bit about his new practice, she left the room. The midwife got back to measuring the head, abdomen, femur, and (one other thing I can't remember...I'll have to ask The Man later). The estimated due dates for all those measurements were averaged together to come up with a due date that EXACTLY matched my due date based on LMP. She was stunned. She said it rarely comes out so exact this far along. I was also amazed. Based on other factors, I was putting my due date at least a week later. Oh, well!

Oops. The midwife then realized that she had failed to print any of the pictures! So, she had to go back and remeasure everything and take pictures for the chart. This time the due date came out about a week later, closer to what I was expecting. I'm not sure exactly when, but we should have a new baby by the first week or so of October.

During this time, the timer went off indicating it was time for the nurse to come in and get blood for my glucose tolerance test. In all the back and forth with the blood draw and other stuff, the ultrasound machine was turned off and put away. Ack! I didn't even get a picture! And we didn't get to find out the gender.

I'm trying not to pout too much about it since it is probably my own fault. We were there over an hour and a half as it was. The waiting room that was empty when we got there was packed when we left. I think my appointment of trying to cram 20+ weeks of OB appointments into one really backed things up!

But, everything seems to be fairly healthy with the baby and me...that's what is important. I did flunk my one hour GTT (as with the three previous pregnancies). I didn't flunk it as badly as I did last time (148 vs. 215 last time), so I'm fairly confident that the 3 hour GTT I'll take bright and early Monday morning at the hospital will be passed as it has been all the other times.

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