Thursday, July 08, 2010

Twenty years...Genesis 31:41

Happy 20th Anniversary to us! On 7-8-90 we got married. We've now officially spent over half of our lives married.

A few months ago someone got me thinking about marriage certificates. Hmm. I had the fancy one in the little folder that was given to us when we applied for the marriage license, but I couldn't remember getting an official copy after the wedding. I checked the county website and it stated that a copy would be sent within 2 weeks after it was received. Hmmmm. What if...? Maybe we weren't legally married after all.

"Now you tell us!" stated M in disbelief. The children quickly agreed that we would have to have another wedding if we weren't married. And soon. Before baby #6 arrived!

I called the county and found out what I would have to do to get a few copies and sent in my letter and $4 in cash. Then I waited and wondered. I had already checked and none of the states we'd lived in were common law states. This could be interesting.

I told The Man that if the county didn't have record of our marriage, I wanted to go to Vegas and get married in an Elvis chapel. He said no. I think he thought I was kidding. I was. Sort of. I think it would have been hilarious to have him wear a pair of blue suede shoes.

He wore his white tennis shoes at our reception.

Fortunately, the county did have record of our marriage and I have the two official copies tucked away in the safe with all the other important records. No Vegas wedding for me! It is just as well. I couldn't decide whether we would have our 2nd wedding on 7-8-10 (on our anniversary) or 8-9-10 (to appeal to my sense of numerical order).

I love you, The Man! Thank you for putting up with me all these years...even if you wouldn't wear a pair of blue suede shoes.

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