Monday, July 19, 2010

A brother...Proverbs 18:24

Happy Birthday to my Big Brother! Of course, I don't remember the day you were born, but I do remember you had really cool birthday parties when we were little where everyone got to play outside.

I suppose you helped take pretty good care of me when I was little...except the time you abandoned me told me to stay put in the middle of the academy campus at camp meeting. I wandered around crying until someone picked me up and carried me into the gym and I saw Mom and Dad. Did you get in trouble for that?

And then there was the time you played barber. Mom wasn't too happy that you chopped off my hair. At least you didn't use me as a patient when you played doctor. Mr. Hippity Hop just wasn't the same after you poked him with a pin.

I'm having fun reminiscing, but I think I'll stop before I inspire you to start blogging.

Hope you have a great day turning 42!

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